DB skimboard: a must for surfing lovers

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If you intend to buy skimboard, then go for DB skimboard. DB is a popular skimboard making brand with its headquarters in Washington, USA. These skimboards are of high-quality making your surfing experience a memorable one. So what’s the technology and various reasons behind buying a DB skimboard lets check it out.

If you buy skimboard, you would definitely hunt for the one which is most advanced. DB skimboards are built with 3D rocker technology. This technology makes your DB skimboard to act in continuous rocker right from the tip to tail. This technology also helps surfer to make side to side “taco rocker” from one rail to other rail. With rocking motion in all the direction, surfer can have the advantage of spinning free in in all direction without catching an edge. It’s an assurance by DB skimboards that once you buy skimboard of 3D rocker technology, you wouldn’t try any other skimboard ever.

Hard Rock Maple
DB skimboard are made up of high-quality Hard Rock maple veneer. Hard Rock maple is an extremely tough material which makes the veneer very durable. Also, maple veneer makes stiff and durable skimboards which are ideal for skimboarding. The quality of veneer is much ahead than that of Birch and Mahogany. Hence if you want to buy skimboard, make sure its thinly sliced veneer skimboard only by DB skimboard.

Super Cush Traction
What makes surfers to buy skimboard, exclusively from DB is that, it has the best traction control system. The technology gives the surfer required grip whenever needed. The super cush traction also allows the feet of the surfer to move freely all around the board. The foam of the skimboard is cut by the CNC technology which gives long horizontal bands to make the surfer’s feet grippy. The grippy feeling can reduce the chances of sprain and other heel related injuries. Super cush technology also allows surfer to take stomp landings without getting any part of feet bruised. So buy skimboard from DB skimboard and forget all your surfing injuries.

Best Material
The DB skimboard uses an eco-friendly bamboo. The bamboo grows faster on an average land plot and 20 times faster than any other material. The bamboo produces 40 percent more oxygen in environment than any other tree. Bamboo is also famous for its ability to improve the soil and add essential minerals to that soil where it grows. Bamboo is also planted in certain area to stop soil erosion. Hence, we can conclude that bamboo is environment friendly. If you buy skimboard of DB skimboard, then you are assured to get high quality bamboo material in it.

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DB skimboard: a must for surfing lovers

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DB skimboard: a must for surfing lovers

This article was published on 2013/04/01